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I graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and a Specialization in Film Studies. For the next decade, I worked in Detroit and New York City as a filmmaker and as a content developer for an interactive exhibit firm specializing in experiential design. I developed the Queens Memory Project digital archives as an MLIS graduate student in 2010 on behalf of the Department of Special Collections and Archives at Queens College and the Archives at Queens Library. This oral history-based digital archives came out of my interest in the challenging art of interviewing and my desire to create a stronger relationship between the people of Queens and our public archives. The project has recently become a paid position and now I face the exciting challenge of further incorporating the project into its partner institutions' regular operations.

Educational Materials

Let’s add educational materials here!  Please email me () attachments of your syllabi or workshop outlines.  You can also post good workshop exercises in the comments section of this post. Queens College undergraduate oral history course This course was co-taught by … Continue reading