How can I upload a podcast file to my webpage?

Uploading a podcast (sound) file to a webpage.

I would like to add pieces of student interviews to a webpage.  Many use their iphones, and I am thinking that I could easily put up interviews for class purposes.

I am a novice, so here I have just done the basics of creating a podcast and uploading it to my webpage.

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I have been a lecturer since 1996, at CSUN, and became interested in Oral History because of a preservation project. Hmmm, technologically speaking, I consider myself a "user"--I use dreamweaver, for example, I have webpages for my classes, but I just know the basics. I am especially interested in soaking up all I can on new technology around oral history, and will be attending the workshops during the week on oral interviews. I would have attended the one on film as well, but it is at the same time as the other one. I would like to learn some sound file basics, along with the best programs used for Oral History so I can begin learning how to use them. This is all to say I am especially interested in learning all I can about the recording, archiving, and presentation of voice, of audio first, video second. If THAT Camp will allow me to learn more, and it sounds as if we learn by doing, then this would be marvelous. Perhaps you could clarify the nature of this workshop, this would help. Nan All posts by yamanan →

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